Byron ShewmanFounder/Director of Youth Without Borders and Starlings Volleyball Clubs, USA---a nation-wide sports program serving girls from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.  Byron first met Edeline Felizor when she was severely injured in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. His interpretation skills brought him to Haiti days after the earthquake to assist an American medical team. Byron was instrumental in getting Edeline and her sister, Isemene, Humanitarian Visas to travel to the US to attain rehabilitation for her life threatening injuries. Both Edeline and Isemene now live with Byron in his home in San Diego, CA

 Stephanie Hoffman MS, PT, Physical Therapist and owner of La Jolla Shores Physical Therapy. Graduated from University of Miami with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy and San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training and Physical Education. Stephanie housed and cared for Edeline and Isemene Felizor when they first arrived in the US requiring rehabilitation from the life threatening injuries sustained from the earthquake. She also established Project Edeline as a source of funding for Institut Edeline and has produced 6 fundraisers to date in San Diego to purchase land, build the original school building, fund operations of the school and feed the children two meals per day. She continues to be involved with Edelines weekly rehabilitation.

 Edeline Felizor, teacher, nurse and leader in her community in Haiti,  now resides in San Diego, CA  while she still rehabilitates from numerous life threatening injuries. Edeline is here on a Humanitarian Visa and communicates with Institut Edeline daily, advising Monde Saintil, the school principal on issues affecting the school. Edeline is a guest instructor at La Jolla Country Day in their French class and speaks at local schools and churches spreading the message of Project Edeline.

 Jean Monde Saintil,  Principal of Institut Edeline Felizor, Monde has been an educator since graduation from a Haitian University almost 20 years ago.  Beginning as teacher, he went on to work as a counselor before assuming the position of prinicipal at Institut Edeline Felizor.  Monde and Edeline are cousins and were raised by the same aunt in Port Au Prince

 Pastor Garry Auguste, Pastor, advisor and interpreter to Institut Edeline Felizor, Pastor Garry entered the ministry in his early '20s.  Formerly the pastor of Double Harvest Church, it was at Double Harvest, an outreach center funded by an American family, where Edeline was first taken for medical treatment following the earthquake.

Kate Sirkin is an ACE certified personal trainer and yoga instructor in the small mountain town of Idyllwild, CA.  Previously she worked for many years as a cardiovascular and radiology tech in the field of interventional cardiology at Scripps Clinic in San Diego, CA. She came to know Edeline and Isemene as a result of being a physical therapy patient of Stephanie Hoffman.  As a result, she became very interested in Project Edeline. Kate has hosted several fundraising events in her small town including a speaking engagement where Edeline came and presented her story to Idyllwild. Edeline has been a true inspiration in Kate’s life and she continues an ongoing fundraising effort at her yoga studio, Idyllwild Yoga.

the oliver mcmillian group is a team of forward-thinking, mixed use real estate developers with a mission of community, giving back, and making special places happen. They have been responsible for the construction and expansion of Institut Edeline, as well as day to day operations. Without their generously donated time, funding and resources, project edeline would not be a reality. We are forever grateful to Dene and Elizabeth Oliver for their generous spirit.