A Finished Kitchen

By: Brett Hoffman

A 2008 study titled Indoor Charcoal Smoke and Acute Respiratory Infections in Young Children in the Dominican Republic found that the use of biomass burning stoves such as coal, wood and other natural materials, caused an increase in acute respiratory infections among 201 children from households using charcoal burning stoves in the Dominican Republic. Read more about this study at: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/a8a9/1514cffc6fb12cb7cea0b59ea6ae92ec7847.pdf 

We a proud to announce that our new kitchen is in full force! Here at Institut Edeline we take pride in the health of our teachers, students and cooks. In years prior to our modern kitchen, our cooks began developing acute respiratory infections that are commonly associated with cooking with biomass fuels. Luckily, by the grace of our sponsors and support from people who want to see positive change in the health of our community, we fundraised enough money to build a modern kitchen that doesn’t use charcoal fuel. Our cooks are now in better health and have a wonderful space to provide nourishing food to the students and teachers.