Re-purposing Arts & Crafts

By Brett Hoffman

Did you know, Haiti’s central government collects only 40 percent of the capitals garbage? The rest is left to pile in the streets and neighborhoods. Luckily in 2015, various entrepreneurial firms stepped in to combat both blight and poverty by rewarding citizens for recycling with cash! Find out more about this interesting endeavor at

The country is getting cleaner but it is up to us to continue teaching the benefits of recycling to our younger generation of Haitians. Here at Institut Edeline, we teach our kids through a creative process the ideas of re-purposing waste. Summer camp isn’t all singing and dancing… We strive to teach our students about the importance of saving our planet through the use of recycling and re-purposing items that would otherwise be waste. What better way to teach the lesson of re-purposing than through arts and crafts! The students love getting creative with used materials. The kids use egg cartons to make cardboard flowers, a lamp made from plastic cups, and sun faces from paper plates! Stay tuned for more posts to come!