On January 8th, 2017 we worked on a project with a small group of girls at Institut Edeline in Croix des Bouquet, Haiti. Girls Voices is a project created by Greater Good, that helps young girls find their voice and strengths to communicate their vision and dreams for their education through the power of digital media. During our work on the project Girls Voices, we talked about empowering girls to become leaders in their community. We also talked about photography versus videography and its use in telling a story. While answering questions about their lives they learn to capture the light and create good composition. They may be able to make a living from filming and photography or telling a story like a journalist. Haiti needs strong female leaders to speak up and be heard. After the third take the girls were noticeably more confident through their posture and voice projection. Looking over what these girls had filmed, they were all very supportive of each other and critical of themselves. They thought about what they would do different next time and how to improve the quality of telling their story.