Thanks to Greater Good, the students at Institut Edeline now have hens which add a valuable daily source of protein to their diet. Having these hens and their fresh eggs at the school provides nourishment that they didn't have available before. Now their diet includes a sustainable source of protein. The students also have playful, hands on experience learning how to take care of the hens so they can live healthy lives as well. The children learn about the care and maintenance of the hens as a part of their new curriculum. Animal husbandry could be a career path for some of these students as well as general knowledge for housing hens at their family homes. 

This month we will be participating in #GivingTuesday , We hope to have donation that will lead to more exciting projects like these. Our goal is to have 50 students and 5 teachers sponsored by November 28th. Give your support and click on our contributions page to get started.