This year at Institut Edeline some of our girls worked on short films for the Greater Good's Girls' Voices for Change campaign. You may ask why these videos are only directed by the girls, well, more than 62 million girls are not in school and in the movement to bring change to education, girls’ voices are often left unheard. Through the Girls' Voices program, girls are given the tools to share their stories and fundraise for their education. So far, 111 girls from 9 countries have been awarded scholarships through this innovative program. The program helps the girls learn how to use their voice by encouraging their empowerment and growing their confidence. They learn new ways to express themselves, and had the opportunity to create something they cared about. Each of the girls also earned $100 for creating the films; this money is used as a fund for them when they leave our school, to be used on furthering their education. Close to 100 girls from eight countries — including Bonaire, Haiti, India, Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda and the United States participated in the contest. One of our girls, Sherlie Cameus, at Institut Edeline was a memorable finalist. Through their videos and photographs, the girls told their stories of the barriers and challenges that girls from around the world must overcome to attain an education.  

It can take a lot of energy, planning, improvisation, and devotion to create a safe space for young people to create meaningful work and we feel so proud to be able to give this to our students and make sure all our students feel proud of their work. To continue to attend Institut Edeline these students need help from sponsors, sponsoring them for $300 provides them with a whole year of growth. Check out our contribute page to see how you can help! 

Here are a few of the videos, the first one titled "Cheri" was created by Sherlie Cameus