Jamesley Cine is one of our students at Institut Edeline in Haiti. He was born with club feet, a deformity preventing normal ambulation. He would get around on his knees or was piggybacked by his parents and relatives. He recently underwent a surgery just a few months ago by Dr. Paul Munk, Pediatrician located in Toronto, ON. The surgery was very intense, cutting his achilles tendons to release the tightness, preventing his ankle from bending. It was successful and Jamesley is now able to walk. He remains in the US at this time until all therapy is finished, then return to Haiti and Institut Edeline. The doctors say that he will be able to run and play with the other children, which is something he only dreamt of. A special thank you to Aunt Ann, Edeline's aunt for being by his side here in the US during his experience.

WTOL 11 reported about Jamesley's story. Please enjoy the video by clicking on the link below.


Jamesley Story