Yesterday a cousin, Saurel Olrich, of Edeline arrived in late afternoon from Miami to help us celebrate her birthday. They had not seen each other in several years as Saurel is a pro soccer player and former Haitian national team player. He is famous in Haiti for scoring the historic goal that allowed Haiti to beat Italy---a world power---a few years ago. He's on his way to play on a club team in Ethiopia and will spend a few days with us.  He's an exceptional guy who speaks four languages and has played on club teams in Asia.  We hope that one day he will be able to help our kids at school learn to play soccer---he is very interested in that idea.  He has a fascinating story, growing up very poor in Cap Haitian, he started playing by himself by kicking spoiled grapefruits that had dropped from the tree. I think you'll see how happy his appearance made the birthday girl.