A  Brief History:

 Our project started with Edeline's arrival in San Diego February of 2010 (just a few weeks after the big Haiti earthquake)

The 1st fundraiser was at Bill and Michele Lerach's home Oct 2011, to raise money for the land purchase

The land was purchased for the school January, 2011 and building construction began

The 2nd fundraiser was at Walter and Mary Munks home on Sept 2012. Everyone brought school supplies to be donated to the school (which we all carried there on our field trip to Haiti)

 During the field trip to Haiti (12 of us) in Oct 2012, we brought all the supplies, planted a garden and painted a classroom mural (volunteers and kids together)

 Oct 2012, the school opened and the first 2 kindergarden classes are on their way (60 children: one small room with the plan to further expand the building down the line, so 30 kids in the am and 30 kids in the pm)

The 3rd fundraiser was at Rusty and Angie Preisendorfer's home Sept 2013, where we got most of the students sponsored for 1 year